It looks halloween-y and im totally okay with that. side note: oxygen mask are a pain in the ass to draw. FML

Friend art stryle switch - with Rika (omnihomo)
you take a fav pic from your partner and then recreate it in your own style. or something like that.
Picked this one bc we both love matcha and little grumpy hipster levi.

  • Person: what's your mbti?
  • Me: nsfw
coolblogofficial asked: oh my god the soumako lost in translation au is like the best thing i've ever seen with these two. seriously man i feel like my life is complete now. wow this idea is amazing !!! (sorry !!! i just wanted to tell you how MUCh i lov e d th a t)

thanks friend. im so glad you like my stuff. 
/lies on face

deadfreckledboys replied to your post “Ok ok but what about makosou?”

oh god are people bringing the top/bottom name thing back. I thought that terrible fad died.

its SEME/UKE plsssssssssssss

Anonymous asked: Ok ok but what about makosou?

Yeap, yeap yeap. i thought shipping names were commutative. what is this? 2008? sousukexmakoto ? makotoxsousuke?

ppl surprised that i ship soumako like itmyotpwtfareyoutalkingabout

M:I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be.
S: You’ll figure that out. The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.

Soumako “Lost in translation” AU. 

Sousuke’s an actor recovering from a shoulder injury. Makoto is a neglected young man, whos left alone at a hotel, while his partner comes back from national swimming championships.
 If you haven’t seen the movie, what are you  waiting for? I need ppl to fangirl with. 

the-changelingx asked: Well derp, forgot to look at what fandoms you knew. Lackadaisy favorite character then?


oh oh that’s gon stain
honorable mention to: Vicktor, Wick, Zib and Rocky

justiceforana replied to your post “For that art meme, are you into Scott Pilgrim at all?”

oh amada Einar vi el volumen 5 con Kim en la portada en fantastico :3

B) ya los tengo todos pero presté el 5 y 6.