PLEASE, make the life ruiner shirt!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh… like srsly  ???

i really love your drawing style! have you ever made a tutorial or speedpaint videos or such? sorry if anyone else have asked this

I have a livestream with a few recordings. and some mini-tutorials. but nothing that big.I’ve tryed to make an speedpaint but i don’t have any screen recording softwear…
art process gifs too but i forget to save the… stages? also, i don’t have a linear process? - i star with lineart but get bored, and start coloring, coloring or adding filters, and then, go back to lineart…mhehhhh

But i tried and got this. but it’s so oldddddd 


Can you put in a link to your fan fic it's just really hard to find on my phone. Thankyou

….but i don’t write fanfics… 0____0
which one are you talking about?

You and your puppy eyes...Uhm...well I met your blog by seeing a friend of mine on here reblogging some of your pictures. I thought "Oh snap! That's a unique style! <3 And I wasn't sure weather to follow or not, but then I saw your name kept popping up in the recommendations and I was all "All right. <3" And your art is indeed cute and inspiring to me. u u u Lovely Blog Lovely~! (*^ワ^*)

u-unique…!!! /shoot to the heart ❤❤❤

I found you blog because I was searching the Erwin Smith tag and found the FVP post where (I think) FVP goes to visit the RD boys, and they make a Starbucks run. I've been hooked ever since! <3 (BTW, what does TWP mean? Levi says it in that comic.)

Baby erwin in the bara ocean. im so proud of my babyboy /sniffs
(thank you ❤)

i just read your fvp masterpost,so levi and hanji shared an apartment but that apartment has only 1 bedroom? so urm meaning they actually shared the bedroom as well??? YOU SUCH A TEASE!! btw i was shocked that all your otp are the same as mine ughhhh!!! let's get married and talked about our opt all night long hah!

I think you meant that they share the same bed? The flat’s just one bedroom, but with two beds (hanji gets the bigger one).
but anyways… YOU SHIP WHAT I SHIP?
i want to be the waifu (u v u)

How did you pick the eye colors for heterochromia Eren? I'm working on a heterochromia version of Jean. ^^'

the manga (gold) and the anime (green turquoise blue)

Hey, first of all, i LOVE your art, the youtuber AU, AND THAT ERUMIKE CUDDLING AWWWHHH. oh, and i love the way you color, can you make a tutorial or something?

 im so happy, erumike is getting attention /sniff my lil’ ship…
And about tutorials….i don’t know what or how or…anything / loud sweating

HHHHH that drawing where Erwin cuddling Mike is so cute!! Draw more Erumike XDXD


just now on my way back home,i saw a dude wearing a dark grey tshirt and FLAWLESS written in big bold baby pink letters,who do you think suits for that shirt in your au?


i just wanted to draw shirts (i want) huuuuuu

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