sorry not sorry

Connie can maybe have like a foodforlouis kind of chanel? Feels like That would suit him!

I just checked him up and the most disgustingly badass thing ever. side by side with bear grylls

Have you ever thought about adding Moblit into the mix? (:

Oh I’d love to add everyone send me your ideas :D

Can we use your art as icons as long as we credit you?


i’m super pumped for armin’s traveling channel!
And since i don’t trust google, send me stuff about your country: curious facts, cultural traditions, slangs,  what not to do, underrated locations … instresting things that you think armin would point out in his videos!

we need a name for the channel too!

stahlundfreiheit said: lovely idea *A* I can imagine him taking photos and writing little journal entries with them and occasionally making youtube videos and aaaah multilingual armin *_*

giving restaurant recommendations and interesting culture facts.
omg…can he wear glasses please?? PLEASEEEE

For the anons asking for THE MIKE cosplayer, this is his tumblr

I want to give you ideas for Armin but I like never watch YouTube videos lol. Maybe he could have a travel vlog?

he and eren are britanick
but the travel blog sound good too! armin would know lots of languages.
wanderlust armin FTW!


Hi guys!! I recently cleared 1000+ followers and decided that I will in fact do a follow forever and what better time then now?? You’re all awesome, everyone who follows me. I love you guys a lot. Please please don’t be upset if you’re not on here; I’ll maybe do another one someday and yeah!! Thanks for sticking with me through all of this and continuing to stick with me and my blog. I love you guys!! Thanks for making me feel happy and loved and giving me something to look forward to every day and just I love you guys so much!! Enjoy~


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Thank you all for being rad and amazing and making me smile. This is pretty long, but you’re all so important to me and just make my life worthwhile and it sounds silly but you guys and this site are incredible and make me so happy!! Thank you all uwu~

Geeez! such canon url omg
I feel honored. OTZ thank you :DDD
congrats on your kiriban! <3

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I got taggedby: viella-art and turquisepikachu. /blows you kisses. 
so… 22 things about me then

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