you should check out 'samurai champloo' if you havent already! :D its already finished, but it has some really nice fight scenes and the style is weird but relly good! nwn

Did you said…fights? /im on my way
( to watch list updated)

Other anon here, Gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun wasn't my kinda thing either, but it has some moments that are pure gold and in my opinion really good characters! If you want, you could give it a try! Let us know what you think if you try it!

alright alright alright. I gon watch it tonight ;)

You should also check out akame ga kill and tokyo esp! They both have really interesting concepts and some hella rad fighting scenes (^~^)

mmmmmmmm… sounds appealing. I’ll give ‘em a try. Thanks ;)

i misspelled erwin and wrote erwing and i dont know but i started laughing for 3 minutes and then i just thought of you and wanted to tell you

((((・ิ(・ิω(・ิω・ิ)ω・ิ)・ิ)))) erwin intensifies.

Thanks for thinking about me ??? It’s adorable :)

saint young men tho… <3

ekaitz replied:

seconding nozaki-kun. although it’s about a shoujo mangaka, it’s actually a shounen series, LOL.

YOU KIDDING! a shonen? okay, im sold.


Its about a guy who writes shojo and its fucking hilarious. Also lots of queer positive humor!!!

sounds heartwarming. well..some silly humor is never bad.
it’s been ages since i watched ouran and maybe is time for a new romantic comedy/shonennnnnnnnnn!! >:D

jegus, yo odio los animes shoujo, también soy del tipo que ama los anime shounen, pero empece a ver este y todas mis expectativas malas desaparecieron (? no es el típico anime cursi romántico, este anime va mas para la comedia y te hace morir de risa

okay lo intentaré! /shakes fist/
espero no se pongan celosos. /abraza a tamaki y a todos los de ouran

I just watched Psycho-Pass a bit ago and the action scenes are very fun! Tokyo Ghoul, the manga at least, I haven't watched the anime, has lots of great action as well

YEEEEE i’m starting tk’s manga bc i can’t wait and bc they’re skipping some great bits ( yuu wearing shorts? Sign me in) and i’ll give psycho pass a try. Thanks for the rec.

If you wanted one more anime, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is kinda good and funny too...

It has ”shoujo” on the title, i’d assume it’s a cute anime. Ummmm i’ll think about it since im more of a shonen person. SNK is no longer providing me with badass fighting scenes ( Kanye vs. Levi was good but i need moooooreeee) so im looking for that.

I started watching znt and it’s really cool. I think this, free! and tokio ghoul are gonna be my summer animes.

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