If you're scared of cats, does that mean dogs too? And ducks? I has a minature schnauzer and two baby white/black ducks outside >3<


specially big, fluffly dogs. i used to have two pet ducks, (
breast so squishy!). And this is my dog :D she’s still a baby. 

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It’s like your the RL version of Ranma. It’s adorable!

OH MY GOOD. /right in the childhood. 
hold on, im remembering. There was Akane, and shampoo, ranmas dad was a panda, ryoga was the boy who turned into the cute mini pig right??


Honey, I didn't knew you were afraid of cats, this means I can't invite you to my house, I have a lot of cats D:


we’ll find a way. /trembling hands

Anonymous said:
for some reason i always end up imagining you as a cross between your version of eren and sasha and yeah sometimes you end up looking like your icon in my head it's weird

that’s quite a sight….i like it :D headcanon approved 

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Que pedo, que cuentas?

Anonymous said:
hey um, by chance , when is your aot dangan ronpa fic going to publushed?

…by me? never.
you picked the wrong kid. I suck with words. 0% eloquent. I don’t write fics. 

Anonymous said:
tumblr user peepchirp reposted your art!! :c /post/92342663579/these-two-are-just-adorable

thank you, i’ve been already informed. time to report it ):<

PSA: Forced hiatus

my stylus broke, it’s totally unfixable. 

i’m looking for a replacement but intuos pens are quite expensive, so this may take long. ughhhh 

Anonymous said:
I love you. You are lovely. The way you draw is adorable.

thanks anon!  /smooches your cheek ( ˘ ³˘) ~♥”

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hey einar, do you have an instagram?

yea but it’s kinda “personal” (some people have found me tho). OTL

SNK Xmen!AU: everybody is born mutan.

madhattressdelux and me came up with thison skype. I didn’t drew everyone because i didn’t know how to exactly  depict their powers. 
thanks to hachidorikun and yolownly for helping me with Marco.

Eren: Steam Mimicry + Self-detonation / reformation. 
He was very annoyed with his powers at first, steam morphing? how lame is that? - until someone made him furious and he simply…exploted.
Mikasa: Power mimicry 
Copy another’s powers or skills after toucing them.
Armin: Life absortion + telekinesis
He has the same effect that Rouge has with non-mutans, with everyone. that’s why his telekinesis comes in handy. 
Sasha: All types of visions (telescopic,xray, night vision, heat, freeze vision,etc) + Superhuman senses.
(Avoiding absortion powers like a pro because Sasha is much more than a potato girl)
Jean: Echolocation + healing powers.
He’s the war medic. Most of the time he’s not sure if he can do really heavy-duty healing, so hi panics and doubts himself. 
Connie: Wallcrawling + teleportation.
Reiner: Ability to partially or fully turn into steel. 
Berthold: Invisibility + Force field generation. 
When he’s nervous the force field get’s weaker. 
Marco: Pyrokinesis & Cold/Ice manipulation. 
Marco has complete control over his ice powers but completely lacks control over fire control. 
Ymir: Animal morphing + Zoolingualism
Annie: Intangibility
Christa: Weather manipulation

Levi: Ink manipulation. ( manipulate body art)
Aka. Badass body tattoos that Levi can manifest in physical form (weapons). Needles/fingers, daggers/ wirst etc.
Hanji:Technopathy (physical interaction with machines and mental interface with data)
Erwin: Superhuman longevity and memory manipulation